How to Use Google Web Fonts

How to Use Google Web Fonts
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How to Use Google Web Fonts

The days of just using Arial and Verdana is over.  Typography has begun to play a more and more important role in web design.  Since SEO crawls your website for keywords, you don’t want to use images for your titles (Not to mention it’s tedious to do).  There are many solutions to this problem, but I’ve found Google Web Fonts to be the easiest.  You can find a directory of free and available fonts at Google Web Fonts.  All the fonts there are licensed under open source licenses, so they’re free to use on any website.

First thing is to decide what font you want to use.  I thought Droid Serif worked well for me.

Google Web Fonts List

Copy the code Google provides in between your header.

Google Web Fonts Code

Then through out your pages you can call up the Droid Serif with:

font-family: 'Droid Serif', arial, serif;

Unless you want to use Arial and Verdana in your headers or to accent the website, there are more options out there now.


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