After Effects & Tiling Images

After Effects & Tiling Images
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After Effects & Tiling Images

Recently I had a chance to work on a piece for Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).  The concept involved having a giant grid that the camera flies through.

My first gut reaction was to make a giant grid image and lay it in After Effects.  I kept getting memory errors.  With the deadline fast approaching, I was a little lost.  I tried on my more powerful desktop and the render time was astronomical.

I tried using the Motion Tile effect in After Effects.  The render time didn’t change much.  It still said it would take 8 hours to render 1 section.  With the animation being almost 2 minutes long, and 5 sections total I just didn’t have the time.

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Screenshot 3

With some searching and research online, it dawned on me that splitting the grid up into 1000×1000 pixel chunks and manually tiling the grid would help alot.

The render time for each section shot down drastically.  In retrospect it was all common sense.  It’s something I’ll definitely keep in mind when I’m working in After Effects in the future.

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Screenshot 5

I’m very happy with the way the piece turned out.  Watch the full animation in my portfolio.


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