Mobile Browsing on Desktop Safari

Mobile Browsing on Desktop Safari
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Mobile Browsing on Desktop Safari

When you’re designing a website, it’s important to check your website on as many platforms as possible.  Now with smartphones and tablets flooding the market, it’s becoming important to make sure your website works well on them too.  Safari makes this easy for those who don’t have a iPhone or iPad at hand, or if you don’t want too many gadgets in front of you.  The Safari browser on both Mac and PC allows you to surf the website as a iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

First go into Safari Preferences.

Safari File Menu

Click on the Advanced Tab and check Show Develop menu in menu bar.

Safari Advanced Tab

That’s it, now the Develop option should show up on your menu bar.  From there just select how you want to browse the web via User Agent.  In addition, there are other options.  You can browse as different versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.  However, I like to have the other browsers installed for testing.

Safari User

That’s it, this is a quick and cheap way to see how your website looks on Apple’s Mobile devices.


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