WordPress to 3.2 on Media Temple

WordPress to 3.2 on Media Temple
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WordPress to 3.2 on Media Temple

If you are hosted on Media Temple’s Grid-Service running a WordPress website, you might run into a error message when you try to update to WordPress 3.2. That’s because WordPress 3.2 requires both PHP and MySQL to be version 5.

If you haven’t, you can easily switch PHP to version 5 by logging into your Account Center. Click on the domain you want to edit, then click on PHP Settings. On the right hand side, then you’ll see where you can switch between PHP4 and 5.

Upgrading MySQL on the other hand is a handful of more steps. You cannot simply upgrade MySQL to version 5 yourself. There are essentially 3 options available.

  1. According to Media Temple, the safest way to upgrade is to open a new Grid-Service and migrate.  All new sites include MySQL 5, then you can close your old Grid-Service.
  2. The other way is through their beta MySQL Upgrader Tool.  This is something you have to request that Media Temple enable for you.  So either call or open up a support ticket and have them enable the option.  Before you run any sort of tool, you’ll definitely want to back everything up.
  3. The route I took was requesting Media Temple backup and upgrade MySQL for me.  I made backups of my database just in case, ideally you should always have a recent backup somewhere.

Unfortunately, everything didn’t go smoothly as planned.  After MySQL was upgraded, any URL to the website would get sent to a wp-signup.php?new=domain.

The WordPress site is part of a WordPress Network (multisite), and my first thought was that might be part of the issue.  After some quick Googling, it seemed that WordPress does this if it does not detect any blogs.  I called Media Temple support, but the basic answer I got from them was that they don’t troubleshoot WordPress issues.  While they were kind enough to send me links to WordPress docs that they thought might help me.

Turning off the multisite feature let me see and login into the main WordPress site, but I wouldn’t have access to all the subdomains.  Finally, turning off the subdomain feature yielded a Error establishing a database connection message.

So I logged into phpMyAdmin and noticed that my wp_blog was corrupt.  Trying to repair the table did no good.  At this point, I blew away the whole database and restored from my backup.

The whole process was extremely frustrating.  I have a cheaper, lesser known host and both my PHP and MySQL was up to date.  I simply clicked update and I was running WordPress 3.2 in seconds.  If you are on Media Temple however and need to update your PHP & MySQL, make sure you backup everything (especially your databases) before you attempt or have them attempt to do so.


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