Cinema 4D Tests

Cinema 4D Tests
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Cinema 4D Tests

I’ve been playing around Cinema 4D some recently.  My experience with Cinema 4D has been sporadic, I hate to admit it’s been way too long since I last opened it.  The last few weeks during downtimes, I’ve been putting together some storyboards for a award show open.  This time around, I’ve decided to create it in Cinema 4D.  I’m still processing all the renders through After Effects for additional effects.

Cinema 4D Award Show Open Storyboard 2

Cinema 4D Award Show Open Storyboard 3

In addition to the stills, I’ve also rendered a motion test:

Of course these are just previews, not rendered out with the best Anti-aliasing.  The colors have also gone through some tweaks.  Even still, I’m quite happy with the progress so far.


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