Wacom Inkling: Yes, Please

Wacom Inkling: Yes, Please

Wacom Inkling: Yes, Please

The moment I saw the Wacom Inkling introduction video, I fell in love.  I love Wacom Tablets, have them at work and own them at home.  The Wacom Inkling finally solves my biggest gripe, drawing on the tablets just can’t compare to drawing on paper.  There is no feedback, and my handeye coordination (or the lack of) really makes it tough to get used to.

The Inkling comes with a receiver that captures sketches that can be exported to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Autodesk Sketchbook.  It also supports layers, which really makes me drool.  I am not a serious illustrator and just want this to capture my doodles, I can’t imagine how much serious artists must lust after this.


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One Response to Wacom Inkling: Yes, Please
  • Grant

    My wife illustrates and also wants one like hell. We live in South Africa.. The distributors don’t even know about it as yet.
    Have a friend that is visiting Dubai that may be able to get one for her.
    Your post just positively made her cry… Right now… tears.

    Yes, looks like a great tool.