Why I Won’t Buy Another Desktop

Why I Won’t Buy Another Desktop
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Why I Won’t Buy Another Desktop

My desktop computer is dying, and I am not as sad as I could be.  I haven’t used it regularly in over a year, instead using it mainly as my render machine.  As a Quad-Core Xeon, it’s no slouch and easily beats out my Core i5 Dell Studio laptop.  Still, I like designing on my dining room table close to my TV, couch, my kitchen and on occasion taking my work outside.

The death of desktops is still far off.  It’s not like I believe desktop PCs are obsolete, I just think they have very little use left outside of professional settings.  Keep in mind however, I am not a serious 3D artist, nor do I work with incredibly high end motion graphics.  So my reasons won’t apply to a select few.  The work I do at home, I can generally do on a laptop.  It’s not that I believe no one should buy a desktop PC again.  But as a designer, even as a general consumer, I feel like they no longer need to take up the extra space in my house.

The ability to take my laptop and work anywhere far outweighs most of the desktop’s advantages.  I can hook my laptop to my spare monitors when I want to, upgrade the ram and hard drive, and it’ll last me a few good years.  The work I do at home often only requires Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator.  All of which aren’t terribly intensive when you do work for the web.  The occassional work I do in After Effects aren’t high-end, and usually I leave to render overnight.   With hardware and software advancing as fast as ever, it won’t be long before I can buy a affordable laptop for heavy render work.  Heck, with Windows 8 coming out,  it might not even be long before I can do real Photoshop work on a tablet.

These are just some of the reasons why I won’t be buying another desktop computer.  Obviously, desktop machines are still vital to gamers, design studios, offices, retailers, and among many other reasons.  Not everyone needs to be mobile, but I have found very few reasons to turn on my desktop computer anymore.

Keep in mind too, majority of the time I am at a desk using a desktop computer at work.  Whether it’s Mac or a PC, I’m generally in the same room surrounded the hum of several computers 5+ days a week.  So when I get home, last thing I want to do is go back to a work desk.


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