Xi Lin

Art Direction + Motion Design

Based in the Washington D.C. Area

Artist, Designer, Animator, Husband, Father, Runner, Weight Lifter, Coffee Junkie.

  • Xi Lin
    Xi Lin

    Runs on Dunkin’.

Hi and welcome! My name is Xi Lin, a Motion Designer and Animator. Currently I am a full time Lead Multimedia Designer at NAVAR Inc in Manassas. At NAVAR, I provide my expertise in design and animation for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Contract at the U.S. Department of Defense.

Previously, I was on the International Information Programs (IIP) Video Team at the U.S. Department of State. There I helped art direct, design and animate motion graphics that supported global public diplomacy campaigns and initiatives for a international audience.

I am available for freelance on a limited referral basis and often work with Emmanuel Etim, Pamela MathiesonNicole Haddock or Ben Harper.

Outside of design and animation, I love spending time with my wife and two little girls. You can catch me outside early mornings for a run before the kids are up, or putting in some time at the gym. Feel free to add me for some friendly competition if you use the Runtastic app!



2015 Gold, Government

RHED Pixel

2012 Peer Bronze, Public Relations/Marketing (Under $25K)
2011 Peer Silver, Graphics: Compositing and Keying
2011 Peer Bronze, Motion Graphics – 2D/3D Animation Under $10K
2010 Peer Silver, Motion Graphics – 2D/3D Animation Over $25K
2008 Peer Bronze, Motion Graphics – 2D/3D Animation $25K


2012 Peer Bronze, Internet Only: Education/Training
2011 Peer Silver, Motion Graphics, 2D/3D Animation Under $10K


2007 Capital Emmys Nominee, Public/Current/Community Affairs Program/Special